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Animals & Us

Animals & Us

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This wonderful exhibition explores the relationship between humans and animals from a range of different perspectives. The selected themes have been documented throughout history, across cultures and around the world.

It identifies the social, emotional and scientific implications of how we understand and interact with animals in our everyday lives – in space, farming, war, films/cartoons, Chinese zodiac, introduced animals to Service and pets, medical and marketing.

A special feature is animal art tattoos presented by tattoo artist Ben Ross and his associates from the Squall and Anchor Tattoo Studio in Yamba. Throughout history, humans have attributed certain animal characteristics to themselves to express a belief or personality trait, although some people choose an animal tattoo for far less significant reasons. Many find animals to be beautiful, and choose them for the novelty of the tattoo itself.


Friday 17th June – 30th July 2017

Yamba Museum – River Street (Next to the Golf Club)

Open Daily: 10am – 4.30pm

Entry: Adults $5 and Children Free


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