Gladys O'Grady - Lotus Bird watercolur on paper h42cm x w59cm

Birds of the Clarence

by Gladys O’Grady

 3rd December 2019 – 29th January 2020

This beautiful exhibition highlights Gladys O’Grady’s wonderful watercolour paintings of some of the birds that are native to the Clarence Valley.

Gladys often spent as much effort in creating realistic landscapes as backdrops to her subjects as she did the birds themselves. At Tristania, the family dairy farm on the Clarence River where Gladys lived most of her life, the rainforest gullies and river banks were home to a myriad of native species of flora and fauna, her main subject matter. The specific geographic and climatic conditions of this region provide an overlap zone for temperate and tropical bird and plant species. These exquisite watercolours detail this rich variety.

A keen ornithologist throuhout her long life, Gladys recorded and painted many bird species, depictiing their breeding and nesting habits, thereby providing a priceless record of birds, both indigenous to the North Coast of NSW and those whose migratory paths pass through the region.

In time O’Grady’s reputation as a bird artist grew Her detailed accuracy was recognised and appreciated within ornithological circles: she was awarded Life Membership of the Gould League of Bird Lovers and was also a Life Member of the Clarence Valley Naturalists Club.

Gladys O’Grady passed away on 22 June 1985, aged 91 years.

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 10am-4.30pm

Saturday & Sunday 2pm-4.30pm

Entry: Adults $5 and Children Free

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