The Honeyeaters of Gladys O’Grady

26th August – 30 September

A keen ornithologist throughout her long life, Gladys O’Grady recorded and painted many species of birds, depicting their breeding and nesting habits, thereby providing a priceless record of birds, both indigenous to the North Coast of NSW, and of those whose migratory paths pass through the region.

In time, O’Grady’s reputation as a bird artist grew within ornithological circles. Her detailed accuracy was recognized and appreciated. She was awarded Life Membership of the Gould League of Bird Lovers and was also a Life Member of the Clarence Valley Naturalists Club.

In 1957 Gladys was commissioned by Brigadier Hugh Officer, a well known ornithologist from Victoria, to paint a series of honeyeaters for a major publication. Gladys mailed the completed paintings to the Brigadier over a period of twenty years from the late 1930s. The book was published but, unfortunately, her paintings were not included.

Graham Jackson, an admirer of O’Grady’s work, purchased the series from Brigadier Hugh Officer. Through the efforts of Mrs. Fran Hampshire, from the New School of Arts, the Honeyeater series was then acquired for the City of Grafton in 1987 through public subscription. The public were invited to support the cost of a painting by Gladys O’Grady in remembrance of a loved one and, subsequently, the sum of $5,000 was raised.

Gladys O’Grady passed away on 22 June 1985, aged 91 years.

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Entry: Adults $5 and Children Free


G O'Grady- Scarlett honeyeater

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