Museum COVID-19 Strategy

COVID-19 is a highly contagious viral infection which is easily transmitted through close contact between individuals. Some groups including those with pre-existing medical conditions and those over the age of 60 years are at higher risk.

Operation of the museum will be subject to medical advice as provided by the NSW and Federal Governments, and in accordance with guidelines from the Museums and Galleries of NSW Planning to Reopen document of 21 May, 2020.

Should a case of COVID19 be suspected, the President must be notified. Reporting to authorities via the required channels would then follow.

A temporary revised opening schedule will be put in place starting from Saturday 11th July, opening on weekend days only from 10am to 3pm (covered by 2 roster shifts) until the end of August 2020.

The following table outlines actions taken to lower the risk of transmission of COVID 19 to PYHS Volunteers and the general public.



⚓ Hand sanitisation stations at convenient locations.

For Guests: At front Door – prior to entering museum.

For Volunteers: At back (Flinders Room door) and on front counter.

⚓ Additional Hand washing stations in walkway outside bathrooms, and in the kitchen.

⚓ PPE for volunteers – gloves available for handling cash and for cleaning and volunteers invited to BYO facemasks if desired.

⚓ Identification and elimination of expendable touch points:

-Visitors’ comment book to be put away

-Children’s table and associated books and toys to be stored

-Museum copy only of publications to be on display in bookshop.

⚓ Where possible, internal doors to be left open to limit touching of door handles.

⚓ Volunteers to be advised to stay home if ill. We all have a duty to take care of our own health and safety and not adversely affect the health and safety of others.

⚓ Cleaning materials for wiping down computers and hard surfaces provided in a visible location as well as a bin for disposal of used cleaning materials.

⚓ Visitors and museum workers to be reminded to keep 1.5 m personal distance requirement in all work areas.




⚓ Roster duties to include wiping down hard surfaces notably the front counter top, Albert machine, display case tops, office, bathroom and kitchen surfaces at least once per shift.

⚓ Volunteers reminded not to use shared cups etc. and to thoroughly wash all of their own utensils in the kitchen with cleaning solution provided.

⚓ Weekly cleaning of all of museum by cleaning staff.




⚓ Visitors encouraged to use CASHLESS PAYMENT, using EFTPOS. Cash will be accepted.

⚓ Volunteers handling cash, including for counting out float, to have option of using gloves, or sanitising hands immediately afterwards.




⚓ Signs erected at Museum entrance to indicate that persons having recently travelled overseas or been in contact with anyone who is positive for COVID 19 should not enter.

⚓ Sign at Museum entrance advising that anyone who has any flu-like symptoms or is unwell should not enter.

⚓ Signs reminding visitors to keep the 1.5 m personal distance requirement placed throughout museum.

⚓ Information on correct handwashing techniques provided at wash stations.




⚓ Maximum number of people in individual rooms (4 square m/person) is to be monitored by front desk roster volunteers;

-Entry/bookshop = 4

-Breakwater room = 6

-Town/Waterfront area = 8 (+2 volunteers)

-School room = 2

-The Old Kirk = 12

-Flinders Room = 12

-Office = 1

⚓ Markers or physical barrier/s placed on floor in reception and bookshop to ensure separation.

⚓ Floor markers in appropriate areas, including outside entry to indicate correct spacing.

⚓ Flinders Room workspace rearranged as necessary to ensure correct spacing between volunteer workers.

⚓ Front desk volunteers to sit at opposite ends of reception desk.


CONTACT TRACING ⚓ Records to be kept subject to requirements of Government and Health authorities – including visitor’s name and a phone number or email address.




⚓ We will not be accepting school and bus tour groups for July and August, with plans beyond that subject to review, subject to prevailing Covid Safe restrictions in place in NSW.

⚓ We will not be hosting exhibitions in The Old Kirk during July and August. To be reviewed beyond that.

⚓ All forward bookings for tour groups and exhibitions to contain a qualifying statement re Covid Safe restrictions.




⚓ Temporary Re-opening hours and arrangements to be communicated to the general public via local press (Publicity Officer).

⚓ Members of PYHS will be advised of Temporary Re-opening arrangements by general email (Secretary/President).

⚓ Front Desk Volunteers to be contacted separately by Roster Coordinator to assess their preparedness to return to roster duty and availability for revised opening hours.

⚓ Additional key groups to be informed of Temporary Re-opening arrangements include Clarence Valley Council, Director of Grafton Regional Gallery, Museum Advisor, Coordinator of Far North Coast Chapter of museums.


TRAINING ⚓ A 1 hr training session, with supporting written guidelines based on this Covid Safe Re-opening Plan, will be provided for all Committee members and key personnel prior to reopening.

⚓ The option of 2 training time slots will be offered to intending roster volunteers following a test opening using these Covid Safe strategies.




Yamba Museum
River Street, Yamba
PO Box 100 Yamba NSW 2464
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Opening Hours

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis
The museum opening hours for 2021 are:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday
10am - 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday
2pm - 4.30pm

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