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Yamba – The Next Thirty Years 1885 – 1915

Yamba – The Next Thirty Years 1885 – 1915 provides a glimpse into a period of expansion of basic services and the evolution of civic and cultural aspects of Yamba from legal disputes t a notorious murder mystery.

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002 Offshore Cover Small 50 x 60

Lighthouses of Australia The Offshore Lights

With photographs of over 200 lighthouses, in conjunction with the author’s original book ‘Lighthouses of Australia Images from the End of an Era’ provides a ‘complete’ set of images of Australia’s current lighthouses. It also contains maps, an updated chronological list of over 400 Australian lights and sections on modern lights, buoys and a description of life on a lighthouse/buoy tender. 

$50.00 plus postage and handling

001 Images Small 50 x 60

Lighthouses of Australia Images from the End of an Era

A book for people who love lighthouses. Over 220 Australian lights as they were at the end of the twentieth century in 500 brilliant photographs. Combined with concise, informative captions, 12 detailed location maps, a history of lighthouses, a chronological list of over 400 Australian lights and a section on lighthouse museums the book provides something for everybody who has an interest in lighthouses or the sea.

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Memories of Yamba

by Rob Knight, 2013

A ‘then and now’ pictorial history of Yamba township.

$25.00 plus postage and handling


From Clarence River Heads to Yamba

by John McNamara

This 74 page book contains text, maps and photographs gathered from many sources chronicling the history of the town from discovery up to 1885 when it was originally called Woolli Woolli or just Wooli by the residents.

$15.00 plus postage and handling


Riverboats of the Clarence

by Stuart Lee

An entertaining voyage back in time along the Clarence River to an era when the riverboats were at the centre of people’s lives. The book is richly illustrated with over 100 photographs, most of them never before published.

$30.00 plus postage and handling


There is No Glory in War: The Gallipoli Diary and Poems of Alex McQueen, 1878-1968

edited by John McNamara and Sue Spence

Alex McQueen lived with his family on a farm at Kings Creek, near Lawrence, before enlisting in the First Battalion 1st Brigade of the AIF at the very beginning of the First World War.

$20.00 plus postage and handling


River of Isles and Memories

by John McNamara

Alexander “Sandy” MacFarlane was a riverboat captain for the latter part of the 19th century and in his diary he has given us a picture of a lifestyle that we can now only imagine.

$20.00 plus postage and handling


Yamba Yesterday: A Retrospective View 1885-2005

by Keith Howland and Stuart Lee

A brief history of Yamba including photographs, maps and drawings.

$25.00 plus postage and handling


An Historical Gazeteer of Old Yamba Town

by Stuart Lee

Old Yamba Town is an attempt by the author to show how beaches, parks and streets in the old town of Yamba came to be given their now familiar names.

$5.00 plus postage and handling


Captain Francis Freeburn and His Family (Biography)

by C. E. Smith

Freeburn was the first pilot in Yamba. He and his family were also the first white settlers in Yamba.

$20.00 plus postage and handling



by Matthew Flinders

The story of a brave seafaring cat who, in the company of Matthew Flinders, circumnavigated the globe in the years 1799 to 1804.

$18.00 plus postage and handling


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Sixty-nine names are listed on the Maclean Cenotaph. They were Australian soldiers from country New South Wales who died in Europe during World War 1, or in a few cases very soon after returning to Australia. Many were the sons of pioneer settlers of the lower Clarence River district, the Big River district as it was once known, and their families were very much dependent on the river for their transport and livelihood. This was an idyllic environment, which they left voluntarily. Before he died, one soldier pleaded ”please remember me “, and now we try and honour that wish by recording what we know of each man, what they did, how, when and where they died.

Author Greg Towner who was born in Maclean, NSW, and has recently published this extremely well researched volume. He has attempted to discover the stories of each of the sixty-nine men who are listed on the Maclean war memorial. It contains photos of the soldiers including some family photos, enlistment details, lists of personal belongings, scans of letters and details of their temporary and final resting places.

We wish to acknowledge Greg’s accomplishment in completing this 300 page manuscript and his generosity in making these books available from Yamba Museum’s bookshop.

$35.00 plus postage and handling



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