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Surfing magazines published since the 1960s.

Surfing magazines published since the 1960s.

Once again Debrah Novak was the curator for our third surfing exhibition and she located some absolute treasures to be showcased. As Debrah said, this exhibition was more tactile than the previous ones which had mostly focused on photographs. The 2013/14 exhibition has numerous retro and vintage surfing memorabilia items which were used to establish a number of the local cottage industries in this region into profitable businesses.

Some of the historic labels featured at this exhibition included Fandango and Country Style where modern twists have been added. A number of examples of Australia’s eminent surf films and surfing journalism were also featured prominently, courtesy of the legendary Witzig brothers.
In a contemporary context, local water cameraman Kendall O’Brien and award winning local photographer Deb M also had their artistic talents on show. Kendall O’Brien featured his good surfing mate Laurie Towner in a 12 minute surfing odyssey, while Deb M’s innovative artworks recreate the splendour of the surf.

The opening night was well attended by many local surfers, past and present. The vintage Valiant on show that night, with surfboards, towing a fully renovated caravan refurbished throughout with surfing inspired timber fit outs, brought back fond memories for many.

Local surfer, Ray Moran, remembers his surfing mates.

Local surfer, Ray Moran, remembers his surfing mates.

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