“Surfing Angourie” and Osric Notley’s “Bush to Beach”

“Surfing Angourie” and Osric Notley’s “Bush to Beach”

“Surfing Angourie” and Osric Notley’s “Bush to Beach”

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“Surfing Angourie” marked the 50 year milestone of when surfing began in this coastal village while the photographs by Osric Notley date back to 1910.

Angourie’s surfing history began when around 25 members of the Yamba Life Saving Club used to travel between Yamba and back beach Angourie looking for waves in the late 50’s. By the 1970’s it was regarded as “surfing nirvana”.

Initially the road out to Angourie was just a rough dirt track, but by 2007, the road was sealed, the village was settled by surfers and Angourie was recognised and protected as Australia’s first ‘Surfing Reserve’.

The exhibition was opened by Rob Walters, a local surfer and photographer for 60 years, and one of several locals who contributed images and objects to the exhibition. As this exhibition revealed, Angourie is a beautiful place to photograph, its natural amphitheatre offering many and varied vantage points from which to capture the action.

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