• Make A Wish
    Make A Wish
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    Take a walk to Turners Beach, Yamba and you will see four bronze wishbones alongside the carpark. They appear to be incompatible to the surrounding seascape. So what motivated local artist Cass Samms when she sculptured her ‘Furcula’ in 2011 The Clarence River has a rich history of fishing, gathering, aquaculture and river based recreation….

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  • Sifting Through Sand
    Sifting Through Sand
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    Yamba’s Pippi Beach is a big open beach ideal for long walks, surfing and fishing. At low tide the odd Pippi shellfish can be seen, but not as many as there were before sand mining and overharvesting in the mid 1900s. In almost every decade of the twentieth century sand mining has occurred along the…

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  • Shipwrecked
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    Rusting bones of old ships are an important part of our maritime heritage. Shrouded in the depths of the unknown they not only offer clues of a tragic event but stories of bravery and self-sacrifice. From the first days of European settlement of this region, ships were the main, if not only, means of transport….

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  • Fire Finally Claims Yamba Hotel
    Fire Finally Claims Yamba Hotel
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    This two-storey timber hotel was built in 1884 for Robert Muirhead, a Grafton tobacconist. It stood facing Yamba Bay and opposite the public wharf. It comprised three distinct buildings: the main two-storey building with eleven bedrooms was on the side facing the river and the other two sides were a billiard room, and a two-storey…

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