“Diversity” – Ramona Cavanagh

“Diversity” – Ramona Cavanagh

“Diversity” – Ramona Cavanagh

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“Diversity” – Ramona Cavanagh

Until June 30, 2016

Since she was six years old artist, Minyungbal woman Ramona Cavanagh has been using art to tell her stories. ​

Diversity, the title of her this exhibition sums up Ramona’s talent as a self-taught artist. Knowing her culture, what she can and can’t do and what is permitted by lore has helped her to translate other people’s stories. As a visual storyteller her art reflects more a story rather than a technique. Her technique however changes with each piece and if she is using tradition work she uses those colours and techniques but the imagery can be totally different.

​Ramona was approached to represent the Saltwater People at the 2000 Olympics. She then ended up working for an organisation called ‘Flying Arts’ who sent her​ out to remote areas to teach how to story tell visually using murals, mosaics and of course her art.

Now, living in the Clarence Valley this is her first exhibition in 5 years, bringing new challenges for her and another opportunity for the Yamba Museum to present and celebrate Aboriginal Culture to a broader audience.


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