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Game of Stones

Game of Stones

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Art Of The Rock Doctor

The Yamba Museum is proudly hosting a very exciting art exhibition by Dr John Jackson, widely known as the Rock Doctor. Game of Stonesis an exhibition that explores, communicates, challenges and initiates new connections with the earth beneath our feet.

The Rock Doctor’s art is as vibrant and inspiring as the man himself. By understanding the art, we all get to understand the earth. It allays misconceptions, allows discussion and promotes knowledge about the land we’ve always taken for granted.

John has been involved with the energy of the earth for over four decades and has made a name for himself in the energy business here and overseas. In all that time, no matter where in the world he has called home, his passion for rocks and the story of the earth have urged him on a mission.

As an artist and geologist John’s greatest wish is for others, particularly children to have an understanding on how Earth Science works in order to realize the precious resource they have. He knows the decisions about our resources today, impact on the world of tomorrow (food, water and energy). John says, “I want kids to make informed choices when they grow up and this comes with understanding of the dynamics of our planet. I want it to be a level playing field for all and the best way to do that is through the combination of science, education and art”.

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