Have you got any old surfing photos and memorabilia?

Have you got any old surfing photos and memorabilia?

Have you got any old surfing photos and memorabilia?

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Fashion, film, literary and the arts, pretty much the counter culture that underpins the surfing industry for the past 50 years will feature at the Yamba Museum’s summer exhibition.

Curator for the exhibition Debrah Novak said, “the museum was really looking forward to exploring some of the elements that make surfing the lifestyle choice of millions of Australians today. Locally we have some amazingly talented people who have contributed enormously to the Australian and international surfing culture revolution through film, journalism, clothing and the graphic arts.  These creative game changers like Grant Dwyer, Roger Mclean, John and Paul Witzig and many others rode the crest of a wave pioneering the brand of surfing for it to later emerge into a billion dollar industry worldwide.

This third surfing related exhibition will feature retro Fandango swimwear by Grant Dwyer, legendary films from Paul Witzig and local vintage beach culture photographs taken around the turn of the century.

This year, for something different, we will be hosting a literary supper and will be in conversation with acclaimed authors John Witzig and Tim Baker who have recently launched their new surfing books”.

 Before the museum puts the exhibition to bed though, they are interested in any old surfing footage, photos and graphic art of the area plus any surf related treasures people may have stored in their sheds for consideration for the exhibition.

If you have anything you think may be suitable contact Debrah Novak – Surf Cult Exhibition Curator, m: 0402 404 606 fb:Surf Cult Exhibition e: debrah@debrahnovak.com.au.

The exhibition runs from the 30th Nov-2nd Feb 2014 at the Yamba Museum.

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