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Spring  Newsletter 11 

Volunteer of the Month  -  Barbara Whale                         

Barbara and Gary Whale moved to Yamba in the 1980s having lived in Woodenong and Kyogle for some years with their children, Jonathon and Caitlin.  As Gary was offered a job as the English and History teacher at Maclean High School they decided Yamba  would be a perfect place for the family.                           


It was in the late 1980s when both Barbara and Gary became members of the Society participating in many projects. Barbara helped with catering, volunteering at the front desk and the library as well as being part of the decision making process of naming the old Presbyterian church when it was moved to the Museum site.  

Water Country Barbara and Lesley_edited.jpg

  After much discussion and Barbara's suggestion it was decided on calling the building the Old Kirk. When funding became available Barbara and Sally Huxtable took on the project of choosing colours suitable to paint the Museum and Old Kirk and after much deliberation chose, with the committee agreeing, the present colours. Barbara became very involved with the establishment of the gardens surrounding the Museum culminating in the Yaegl Cultural Garden where natives were planted.  As Barbara was busily involved in many activities at the Museum Gary took part in researching aspects of the Museum history.  He also organized and led very successful and enjoyable 'Ghost at the Wedding' Tours all based on the book by Shirley Walker.  Barbara is now a Life Member and lives in Yamba.

Welcome New Members
 Thankyou to our new members for becoming part of a small, but fun Museum. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events.  
Julie Turner, Nerida McLennan,  Ruth Williams, Jenny Hadimioglu, Ann Strambi, Tony Griffiths and Jude McBean

Anne Dinham, Judi Greig, Lesley Pickering - Congratulating Judi on Life Membership.jpg


It was with great pride President Lesley and Anne Dinham, awarded Judi Greig with Life Membership for her 15 years of volunteer service to the Museum.  Mayor Ian Tiley presented Judi with a picture of Yamba's early lighthouse as Judi and her husband were avid sailors.  Judi welcomed visitors to the museum for many years and put in place meticulous training for new front desk volunteers.  Now retired from duty we all wish the very best for Judi in her coming years.

Life Membrship
School visit 1.jpg

    St James School Visit

The Museum hosted an enthusiastic school visit during NAIDOC Week from young students of St James Primary School in Yamba.  They viewed the Yaegl Elders Portraits with some of the Yaegl Elders.  They also experienced the museum displays and it was amusing to hear their comments when viewing 

the "very old" items!  However the train was their favorite.

School visit 2.jpg
Charity Art Show

A wonderful moment during the NAIDOC Week celebration when Kerri McLeay sang a Yaegl song accapella.  Her beautiful voice moved the crowd.  

Yamba Lions Club Charity Art Show

Yamba Lions Club has taken the initiative to assist those who suffered during the
recent devastating floods by raising funds from a Charity Art Sale in the Old Kirk. Click on the here to read more from the Lions Club website.

Exhibition: 24 September - 7 October




Walking Tours
Anne Dinham leads the Historical Walking Group 8:30-9:30am Thursday mornings, weather permitting.  Participation for PYHS members is free, with a $2 donation to the museum payable for itinerant or visiting walkers.  Contact Anne on 0408738116 or email: for current departure point.   Optional after walk cuppa at own expense.

2022-23 Committee.jpg


Gai Pritchett -Vice President, Lesley  Pickering - President, Kerry Hulm -Treasurer,
Anne Dinham - Secretary


Margaret Lawrence-

Phil Cousemacker -

Brenda  Salisbury 

Graham Young


Two more committee members are Jan Angelo and Jude McBean who are absent from the photograph.

Diary Dates

Diary Dates


Thursday 8th - Brooms Head Geology Excursion. Social event with Dr John Jackson, 10:30 am-3:30pm

Friday 16th - Chapter Meeting at Lawrence, 9:30am

Saturday 24th -Friday 7th October, OLD KIRK. Lions Charity Art Sale

Launch by invitation from Lions Club Friday 23rd September


Friday 4th - Brooms Head Excursion Social Event with

                 Dr Jackson

Saturday 5th - Coach Tour

Sunday 6th – Coach Tour

Monday 7th – Committee mtg, 9am

Sunday 20th – Close Mackie and Bryson Exhibition


Monday 3rd – Committee Meeting 9am

Friday 7th – Close Lions Art Sale

Wednesday 12th – Coach Tour

Friday 14th – Members Meeting, 10:30am

Wednesday 19th – Coach Tour

Friday 21st – Launch Mackie and Bryson Exhibition

Saturday 22nd October – Opening of G. Mackie’s 6&7 Exhibition. Launch Fri 21st. 5:30

Friday 28th - G.Mackie Art Workshop 9am-12noon


Monday 5th – Committee Meeting 9am

Sunday 11th -Xmas High Tea 8am-2pm OK & FR

Tuesday 13th – Sunday 15th January – Dr John Jackson exhibition (set up Mon 12 Dec) Launch TBA

Sand threatens to bury Yamba!


Nowadays many people visit Yamba because of the beautiful sandy beaches on offer. Yet about a hundred years ago residents were contemplating leaving the town as sand encroachment threatened to bury their houses.

In 1926, concerned residents approached Harwood Shire Council to rectify the sand menace threatening to engulf ...

click here to continue reading

THE SANDS OF TIME  1991.07.16_4.JPG
Sand Threatens ...

Summer Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed the new newsletter. As we learn, more features will be added to make your newsletter more interesting and informative. Thanks to those of you who have subscribed to the new newsletter . If you have not yet subscribed, please do so. It is easy and only requires your email.

See you in summer with catch up articles about the museum and activities, information you need to know and intriguing historical stories about where we live.

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