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Summer   Newsletter 12 

Volunteer of the Month



Beverley Mansfield                       


Hi, I am Bev Mansfield, my job at the Yamba Museum is Roster Officer.  Originally from Inverell/Tingha/Grafton and finally Yamba which I love.  

Husband John, also from Inverell, loves Yamba and its great surfing beaches riding his long board. 

We came to Yamba when Kevin Harris, original owner/developer of Yamba Marina, asked John to be the Engineer/Mechanic in his upcoming Marina opened in 1993.  Some may remember me in the Marina Chandlery which was a big learning curve. 

Joining the Yamba Chamber of Commerce in 1994 (and still there) to help businesses to make Yamba a great place to work and shop.  l was also being involved in the Coldstream Festivals and Yamba River Markets, kept me busy.  After retiring from the Marina and looking for something different to do, I became a member of the Yamba Museum.  

Firstly as a front desk volunteer, then joining the Committee and becoming Roster Co-Ordinator,  and now as Roster Officer.  Our volunteers are wonderful and without them the museum would not be able to open.

I have worked at Yamba Cinema, this came about after retiring from the Marina as I was constantly at the Cinema seeing movies.  NO WE DO NOT JUST WATCH MOVIES .... we make choc tops, popcorn, bag lollies, restock fridges, clean and welcome and meet locals and visitors.  I retired from the Cinema at the end of July.  I will miss the customers.

Today I play Tennis and Pickleball, walking (Museum walks included), having coffee with friends at our many great coffee shops in the Clarence Valley and generally enjoying my free time in beautiful Yamba.  

Anyone wishing to join the front desk Roster volunteers, please contact me.  No knowledge of Yamba is needed as you learn on the I did.  Amazing what I did learn and still am learning! Everyone is welcome and needed.

Bev Mansfield


Welcome New Members
 Julie Turner   Nerida McLennan   Graham Schubert   Christopher Legg   Jenny O'Hara    Steven Farr   Anita Cannon    Gail Lindsay 
Jane Mann    June Ross     Vicki McAlpine 

Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Anne Dinham leads the Society's Historical Walking Group,  8:30-9:30am Thursday mornings, weather permitting.  Participation for PYHS members is free, with a $2 donation to the museum by non-members and visiting walkers. 

Contact Anne on 0408738116 or email: for current departure point.   
Optional after the walk is a cuppa at own expense.


The view from Yamba pool Main Beach
The view from Yamba pool Main Beach

press to zoom
Walking down towards Turners beach
Walking down towards Turners beach

press to zoom
Towards the Yamba Lighthouse
Towards the Yamba Lighthouse

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The view from Yamba pool Main Beach
The view from Yamba pool Main Beach

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A small group of Committee members and John Marcus carried out a much-needed cleanout of the shed to make it easier to move around and access stored items. 

Art Workshop


Yamba Lions Club held a Charity Art Auction Friday 23rd September to Friday 7th October, in the Old Kirk.  The Exhibition was organised and manned by Lions Club Members and our facility was chosen to host their event.  Our thanks go to Yamba Lions Club for the presentation of $1,000 to the Society as part of the agreement
in hiring the Old Kirk for their inaugural charity art. The Lions Club team encouraged many local artists to display and sell their artworks in order to raise funds for Flood Relief.

Photo L-R: Ling Gazzard, Jan Hudson, Geoff Dickie, Lesley Pickering, Peter Hudson, Margaret Lawrence, Ian Lauder, Barrie Gazzard.

Lions Presentation.HEIC


"Scotland was indeed one of the countries that contributed most to the foundation of geological science, and provided some of the most notable founders, both in the field and as theoreticians.  It is a small country, but one that is geologically both interesting and perplexing. If Scotland provided an environment highly propitious for the work of the 'founder of geology, James Hutton, the Moines have provided a region that still defies full elucidation." Oldroyd & Hamilton 2002

Workshop: 11am Wednesday 11th January, 2023.
All participants $10. 
Limited seating please RSVP: Gai 0418195870


Summer Library Cabinet Display.jpg

Next time you visit the library do check the display of a selection of dressing table items.

2022-23 Committee.jpg


Gai Pritchett -Vice President

Lesley  Pickering - President

Kerry Hulm -Treasurer
Anne Dinham - Secretary


Margaret Lawrence

Phil Cousemacker 

Graham Young (Resigned October)

Brenda  Salisbury 


Two committee members are Jan Angelo and Jude McBean who are absent from the photograph.

Historical Story
Based on a story in an old newspaper clipping from the Grafton Argus dated 14th September 1877 about a court case in the Police Court of Rocky Mouth (as Maclean was then called). Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

A long time ago, on the Clarence, two families worked on their block. The O'Rourke's were good Irish Catholics, the McDonalds were good Scottish stock.  Although they were not over friendly, there was no enmity to detect, they were always polite to each other, and each showed the other respect.
Old Colin McDonald had three sturdy sons, each of them topped six foot high.  But his heart was stolen by his only daughter, young Jenny, the pride of his eye.  Young Michael O'Rourke from next-door, was a knockabout young Irish buck.  Then Cupid shot two of his arrows and Michael and Jenny were struck.
Both families rejected this union, said McDonald "I'd rather be dead". While Michael met Jenny in secret, and they vowed to each other to wed.  Now fate has its own sense of justice and so it transpired one day, young Jenny McDonald, to her family's horror was found in the family way.
When Michael next went to meet Jenny, he was met by her father instead.  Old McDonald roared at him "You scoundrel, I'll make you wish that you were dead".  He grabbed the young man by the collar as he called for his sons to assist, and while they held Michael defenceless, he pounded his face with his fist.

by Bill Kearns

KEARNS Bill and Carolyn 2008.jpg
          Carolyn and Bill Kearns

The old man then grabbed up a Tarpot containing a gallon of tar.  He up-ended an armful of feathers and plastered them over the lad, then he booted him off down the roadway, tarred and feathered, he looked really bad.McDonald was hauled to the courthouse and was facing a charge of assault.  Michael told how he'd been tarred and feathered, McDonald said "Wasn't my fault". McDonald pleaded provocation - his daughter's virginity lost.  The Magistrate heeded his reasons, fined him twenty shillings and cost. When the dust had been finally settled after all the harsh words that were said, young Michael and Jenny were wed in the shadow of McDonald's shotgun.  But it was a wonderful union, with ten children the couple were blessed and each son was born with a birthmark, like a feather upon their right breast.

The winners of the 6&7 Art Raffle, donated by Graham Mackie, were:

                                      1st Prize- Tony McGinty, 'Through the Gate'

                                      2nd Prize- Haley Talbot, 'Early Morning Gorge'

                                      3rd Prize- Janet Salt, 'Motion Balance'

                                      4th Prize- Gina Lopez, 'Rainbow Falls'

Congratulations to all the prize winners and thank you so much for supporting the Society.


Christmas lunch – Monday 5th December

We’d like to invite any member (and partner) to join Committee members for and end of year lunch at the Wobbly Chook in Coldstream Street (formerly Backpackers), following the last Committee meeting for the year on MONDAY 5th December, from 12.30pm.


Please email your RSVP by 5pm Sunday 4th December – if you would like to reserve a seat.

You can order from the usual menu – and pay for own food and drink.

Diary Dates

Diary Dates


Monday 5th – Committee Meeting 9am

                    Christmas Party 

                    Wobbly Chook from 12.30pm

Sunday 11th -Xmas High Tea 8am-2pm OK & FR

Tuesday 13th – Sunday 15th January – Dr John Jackson exhibition (set up Mon 12 Dec)

Launch 5.30pm 16th December


Monday 6th -Committee Mtg, 9am

Friday 10th -Annual Volunteer Information Day, 9:30am-12:30pm

Tuesday 14th - Coach Tour, M/Tea

Tuesday 21st - Museum Advisor Joan Kelly,1-4pm


Wednesday 11th - Workshop with Dr Jackson, 11am

Sunday 15th - Close Dr Jackson's Exhibit

Monday 16th - Committee Mtg, 9am

Thursday 26th - Australia Day Flag Raising, 9am

Wednesday 19th - 2nd Workshop Dr Jackson (if required)


Friday 3rd - Coach Tour, M/Tea, Town Tour

Monday 6th - Committee Mtg, 9am

Friday 10th - Chapter Mtg, 9:30am -3:30pm at Yamba                              Museum

Friday 24th - Members Meeting 9:30am

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