Yamba – a bush poet’s inspiration

Yamba – a bush poet’s inspiration

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NoelCharlesThe following poems are reproduced here with the kind permission of bush poet, Noel Charles, who won much applause when he recited them at the  Australia Day flag-raising ceremony at Norfolk Park on 26 January, 2013.

I stood against the break wall where the mighty Clarence met the sea

The pristine waters of paradise had been waiting here for me,

When I saw before me this beauty, a captured picture to behold

A magnificent panorama forever, was cast in an arch of gold.

The ocean waited for the sun to start, its journey through the sky

A pathway of gold expanding, across each wave that passed by.

Creamy coloured sand churned, into a froth of bubbling white,

As each wave breaking and spreading, a pleasure to my sight.

I smell in the breeze its salty air, the aroma reaches out to me

To plunge and savour the freshness, that sets my spirit free.

Whenever I leave Yamba, there is a yearning there within me

As if its calling me back home, to a place where I need to be

To see the soft clouds changing as the sunset spreads around

And covets all the magic in this special kind of town.

We treasure you Yamba, for the boundless beauty that you give,

A piece of heaven actually broke away, and this is where we live.

We love you Yamba for those things that all of us hold dear

It is the nature of your people that creates our village atmosphere.

Noel B. Charles 


Australia Day

Australia Day, Australia Day, how proud that we should be
To celebrate our single continent surrounded by the sea,
With states and territories united we stand as proud as one
A young and vibrant land beneath the southern sun.
The flag that flies above us fills our hearts with pride
We say a prayer for those who served for all those who died,
Who protected a land to cherish a place for you and me
And people from other nations who wanted to be free.
Australia, Australia, our home. God make her strong
To protect against aggressors and all who do her wrong,
For our country is young in spirit, her beauty brings us joy
To men and women who seek it, to every girl and boy.
For here is our place, our time, for all that we hold dear
To meet and make a commitment for every other year,
Beneath our flag we pledge to always make a stand
Our loyalty to our nation our very precious land.
Australia, Australia, this is your special day
As your anthem sings your praises in many other ways,
This pride of hope and freedom you stir within us all
And on this your anniversary day we rallied to your call.
So let us cheer our country when we gather around
Standing firmly united on her valued, treasured ground,
All over this great country you have raised our spirits high
To love and protect you until the day we die.
Noel B. Charles

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  1. Monica O'Rourke  - February 15, 2016 - 12:17 pm
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    Noel, I thoroughly enjoyed these poems, celebrating our wonderful land. I’d love to hear more – perhaps next time I visit Annie and Yamba Yabbies.

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