You can become a Member for just $20 per year. (plus $1 joining fee)

The membership year starts 1st July each year

As a member you receive the following benefits:

  • · Newsletter delivered quarterly via email

  • · Free entry to the Museum, Old Kirk and art/cultural exhibitions & special events

  • · Discount of 10% when purchasing publications from our Bookshop

  • · Discount of 50% on digital photos ($5 each for 1 – 5 images)

  • · Access to records and computers for research purposes by appointment

  • · Discount of 50% on request research information ($10 for initial research report)

  1. · Invitations to events and exhibition openings


     You will also gain these benefits: 


  •   Share and increase your skills and local knowledge

  • · Meet people and make new friends

  • · Volunteer for any of a wide range of duties to suit your available time, preferences and skills

  • · Participate in the Society’s decision-making at Member meetings, held 3 times per year, plus AGM in August