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Discover our collection, what we collect and why, recent donations and significant items in the collection. We will continue to provide new information about the collection in regular updates for you.

NEW DONATION: Speedo swimming trunks

NEW DONATION: Men's Speedo brand, wool knit swimming trunks with overskirt c1935


Folding coloured postcard set of Yamba

Mens swinsuit

Morley Beachwear - Fast to Sun and Sea Water. Made in Australia by I & R Morley Pty. Ltd. Size 44

Ladies swimsuit

Seagull Sunshine Fashion. Ladies navy swimsuit

Wooden pegs

Homemade wooden pegs with wire at top of split

Corkscrew and can piercer

Combination corkscrew and can piercer. Inscribed with "Fosters Lager Beer and Wattle Pale Ale"

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