John Jackson (Rock Doctor) Guided
Bus Tour To Brooms Head

Members of the Museum were invited to experience the amazing Dr John Jackson as he took a geological excursion to the local areas of Red Cliff and Brooms Head on Thursday 8th September. Everyone who attended praised the experience as “thoroughly enjoyable and extremely educational”! Dr Jackson led the group along the beach at Red Cliff at low tide and across a rocky platform to explain the meaning of the many layers of rock: their composition and what the cracks and folds tell us. He explained the coal seam, which was once a forest, and how the earth would have looked millions of years ago. In short it is a very old part of earth!! On to the SnakShak at Brooms Head beach for lunch and then the group regathered at the southern end of the headland to witness even more of the amazing geological history of that particular area. Dr Jackson, who has travelled the world extensively, said we are extremely lucky to live here where the earth's crust is exposed sufficiently to tell a very important geological story. We will never look at rocks the same way again! The museum and Dr Jackson will take another PYHS members' group excursion on 4th November. Email Anne Dinham at the museum to enrol. Tickets are $25 and payable at the museum, or by bank direct deposit.

Brooms Head Point
Rock Doctor explaining painting
Tour group
Rock Doctor explaining coal layers
Rock Doctor explaining painting
Coal layers