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You may have noticed Yamba Museum has had a facelift! Adorned on two areas at the front of the building are two stunning murals designed by Yaegl artist Frances Belle Parker. The mural marries the native planted Yaegl Cultural garden with the building and is called “Caring for Country.”

The murals have been designed specifically for the museum showcasing varying shades of green and blue in nature, depicting blossoming flowers, leaves, and abstract line markings. Frances states that “the leaves are symbolic of various traditional healing methods while the blossoms represent new life. The museum and local community are represented by the round shape in the centre of the mural near the entrance. "

In her artist's statement, Frances writes about wanting to remind viewers of the importance of protecting, nurturing and caring for the land. She chose the colours to complement the museum’s exterior colour tones and the natural environment: "The green, which is present in every aspect of nature, symbolises growth, abundance and renewal. It has a colour that offers healing, peace and calm within the space. The blues represent out waterways from our river, Biirrinba, to the sea, and the delicate balance in which they flow and connect our land."

Frances wants to remind us to respect and protect the land we walk upon, as evident in the various background markings that represent the paths taken through the landscape by humans. "The mural depicts my love for nature while putting out a call to arms to protect it. The artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of caring for our environment and preserving it for generations to come.”

Mural 2
Frances at start 1.JPG
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